For UNCC Folks

How to Participate. 
1. UNC Charlotte students, faculty and staff  must sign the waiver on OrgSync (see below).
2. Read all the Range Rules and Proceedures.
3. Once this is approved (you will get an email confirmation in a day or two), RSVP for the next open shoot and comment that you'd like an introductory lesson.
4. If you know how to shoot already and have your own equipment, you're welcome to bring it, as long as you follow the Range Rules (ask if you have any questions).
5. Bring the club dues (see below for details) either as a cash or check made out to Charlotte Archery.
6. Show up at the start of that practice to the archery field (see the map below) to help set up equipment and, if you're new to archery, so the officer running that shoot will give you a quick (20 minute) introductory lesson into basic safety and shooting. You don't need any equipment: the club will provide recurve bows, arrows, quivers, etc. during lessons and practices, but a water bottle is recommend.
7. Everyone helps set up and take down equipment: the officer running the shoot will guide everyone in packing up.
8. If you get hooked and would like additional instruction, attend a shoot run by the club coach, Heather Freeman. We also encourage all members, new and experienced alike, to participate in local competitions: they're fun, relaxed, and a great experience!
9. We recommend members try archery for at least a semester before purchasing their own gear.

Required Waiver.
Participants must have an approved Sports Club Participation Waiver for that current semester before we can let you on the field.
1. Go to and sign in with UNCC username and password.
2. Search for "Archery" and then click the "Join" button on the left.
3. When you have joined Archery, click "Forms" in the left-hand column.
4. Click the link for the "[Current Semester] Sports Club Participation Waiver".
5. Choose "Archery" from the list of clubs and complete the waiver in full.
6. Submit the waiver.
7. Until you get an email saying that the waiver has been approved, you have NOT yet been approved! You must complete a separate waiver for each club.  If it takes longer than one business day for approval, check on-line or contact Max Mello, Associate Director of Sports Clubs for help.

Club Shoots and Practices.
You must RSVP on OrgSync for each shoot you plan on attending.  If no one RSVPs for a shoot, the officer has the right to cancel it.

Club Membership Dues.
All new folks are welcome to try archery once, free of charge!  After that, general membership is $20 a semester and includes a T-shirt and use of club equipment during open shoots. That is, you'll be welcome to participate in any practice, which includes the use of club equipment.  Members can also coordinate with club officers to use club equipment for local and regional competitions.

Instruction beyond basic shooting and safety. The club coach and officers can provide additional instruction and feedback to UNCC students, faculty or staff members as individuals would like it. Heather Freeman is US Collegiate Archery and USA Archery Level 2 Coach certified. Several officers are also USA Archery Level 1 certified. For those who would like instruction beyond these levels, Heather can recommend several local and regional coaches for private, paid lessons.

The UNCC Archery Field is located between the Student Union and the Football stadium.
The Field can be found on Google Maps.

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