Range Rules

Archery Range Rules
1. Know and obey all “Range Commands and Procedures”.
2. Keep arrows in your quiver until you are told to shoot.
3. Tie back hair and fasten or remove loose clothing.
4. NEVER dry fire a bow.
5. Arm guards and finger tabs/gloves/medical tape are strongly encouraged.
6. Field point or target points ONLY. No broad heads.
7. Recurve, traditional and compound bows ONLY. No crossbows.
8. Bows above 60# at not recommended since they may shoot through straw bales, but this can be discussed with the officers.
9. If you drop an arrow, leave it on the ground until you are permitted to retrieve your arrows (three whistle blasts).
10. Walk (do not run) on the archery range.
11. Mobile devices are prohibited on the range.
12. Horseplay of any sort will result in immediate expulsion from the range and removal from the group.
13. Let the Range Master know if you are going to the shed!
14. Be considerate of other archers. Do not move your target or go to the shed if other archers are ready to shoot. Just rest for one end, then go move the target or go to the shed when they retrieve their arrows.
15. Any UNCC student, faculty, or staff member who wishes to shoot on the UNCC Campus Archery Range *MUST* have an processed and approved waiver on OrgSync.

16. UNCC Archery Club Members may ONLY use the archery field during official open shoots, lessons, etc.  Members are encouraged to become club officers as vacancies come up, since the officers run all open shoots.
17. Anyone with an approved waiver may participate in an Open Shoot for free once. After that, participants must pay membership fee.

Range Commands and Procedures
1. Archers stand on the Waiting Line, with bow on the bow stand. Arrows must be in the quiver.
2. Two Whistles – Archers may pick up their bows and stand across the Shooting Line. Arrows MUST remain in quiver.
3. One Whistle – Archers may nock arrows and begin shooting.
4. After all arrows are shot, the archer must step back to the Waiting Line and place the bow on the bow stand.
5. Three Whistles - Archers may walk to the Target Line, inspect their grouping, and retrieve arrows. (This will only be blown when all archers are at the Waiting Line.)
6. Two archers may pull arrows at a time. Stand to the side with one hand on the target next to the arrow, and the other on the arrow close to the first hand. Check behind you before pulling. Pull one arrow at a time, and place in quiver immediately.
7. Return to the Waiting Line when you are done retrieving your arrows.
8. Multiple Whistle Blasts or call of “Cease Fire”. Un-nock and quiver arrows IMMEDIATELY. Return to the Waiting Line IMMEDIATELY.

Transporting Personal Equipment to and from the UNCC Archery Range
**Failure to abide by these requirements may result in legal action against you!**

1. Solid Recurve/Long Bow/Self Bows: Carry it in a case or sack and unstrung.
2. Takedown Recurves: If possible disassemble before transporting (I keep mine in the box it came in unless I am unable to take my backpack) or treat it as a Solid one piece Recurve.
3. Compound Bows: Keep (ideally latchable) case. If you are unable to afford a case, you should conceal somehow, such as a tied fabric sack. Investing in a case will preserve your bow, however, and is a smart investment.
4. Arrows: Arrows must have field points. Keep these concealed as well in a case or quiver with a top covering it. A PVC pipe with end caps makes a sturdy container to protect your arrows and is, of course, tres chic.
7. For liability reasons, personal equipment may not be stored in the shed.

**If you have a question or equipment that does not fall into one of these categories, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to ask a club officer if your equipment is permitted on campus.**
Credit: Audley "Olly" Yung | www.ollyyung.com

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