For Non-UNCC Folks

How to Participate. 
1. Visit and and read about the benefits of joining USA Archery.
2. Read below about the Charlotte Archery Adult Program Club.
3. If this sounds good, email Heather Freeman, the admin for Charlotte Archer, and let her know you're interested in joining the club and ask her any questions you may have.
4. If this still sounds good, join as an Adult Member and list Charlotte Archery as your club.
5. Participate in USA Archery and National Field Archery Events to qualify for your lanyards and pins!
6. Pay $3 per lanyard and pin to Heather Freeman who will purchase them for club members.

USA Archery Adult Program Lanyards and Pins

Club History.
This club was formed December 19th, 2014, so we're brand new!  If you have questions, ask! We're figuring it out as we go.

Club Membership Dues.
There is currently NO club dues; Heather pays the $90 club membership herself because she luuuurvs archery.  If the club gets rolling, this may necessarily change, but let's hope not.

Club Equipment. 
Members must have their own equipment. Maybe this can change with a grant some day. Big dreams.

Club Range.
Charlotte Archery (the adult program club) has no home; only UNC Charlotte faculty and staff may practice with the club, as long as they also have an approved waiver and paid dues.  Charlotte Archery members practice at their own homes or local ranges and meet up to support one another at regional competitions, help each other tune equipment, give each other feedback on our shooting form, etc.   Any local ranges that would like to "host" us, please contact Heather Freeman! 

Traditional archers are strongly encouraged to join The Carolina Traditional Archers for their monthly shoots (see the Links page). Compound and Olympic recurve archers are encouraged to visit Barefoot Archery, Boss Archery, and the Bass Pro Range.

Club Meetings.
As mentioned above, we have no home range, so we basically meet each other at local/regional competitions and get together as we can on our own at various local ranges.  Join to communicate with club members; keep in mind this page is also heavily used by the UNC Charlotte Archery Club which is the collegiate branch of Charlotte Archery.

Download the USA Archery Indoor Adult Achievement Scoring Matrix.
Download the USA Archery Outdoor Adult Achievement Scoring Matrix.

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